Basswood carving by Ward

Here is another wonderful carving by Ward, our resident carver. …

Our resident carver, Ward

stylized bird carving

Stylized Bird in Butternut


Ward said that he got this block of butternut wood from a guy that came to the carving class he attends.  It’s not the realistic kind of bird that he usually carves but it was a fun activity.   It was kinda impressionistic.

Since the bird was mostly cut out with a bandsaw there was a bit of smoothing and burning to create the impression of wings.  bill, and eyes.

Woodburned wings

Woodburned Wings


Wooden Bible Project

The Wooden Bible project was started by some students at a Christian Academy in Wisconsin. It’s managed by another of Howard’s daughters, Aileen.  She asked a student to describe the project.

“We burn Bible texts and images into these natural basswood, bark edged plaques. Selling these helps us pay for our Christian Education.”

You can learn more about our school here: Wisconsin Academy.








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The wood plaques used for these are just like the “Basswood Man” plaques that you can purchase at select Hobby Lobby stores. They are made from winter cut logs because the bark hangs on to the edge really well. If you want to get a closer look at a blank one you’ll find them there in the wood craft section.


Our first post

Ward let us take some pictures of his work to kick start our new Blog. Let us know what you think. And make sure to send us pictures of your work!