Happy 95th birthday, Howard

Howard Berger, the original Basswood Man, is celebrating his 95th birthday on Monday the 18th of August. Some of you may know Howard. He’s been in the basswood business for a long time.

If you would like, leave a birthday wish in the comments below. We’ll be sure to pass it along.

6 thoughts on “Happy 95th birthday, Howard

  1. Jim Burcio

    Happy Birthday Howard… 95 is amazing!!!
    My father will be celebrating his 90th on Wednesday.
    Great to hear about you… reminded me that I need to order a big box of basswood.
    My Best,

    Jim Burcio

  2. Brenda DeJoice

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Basswood Man!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you for your commitment to providing high quality products to consumers like myself for so very many years. I hope all your wishes come true today, and that you enjoy many more years of peace and contentment!

  3. Pat Donlin

    Happy Birthday, Basswood Man! I have just ordered once from you and you were very nice. I am enjoying the wood you sent and will order more. Enjoy your birthday and will you have 95 candles on your cake?
    I am gaining on you…I will be 84 in September. Life is good!

  4. Kevin Puskar

    Happy 95th birthday Mr. Berger. Your just getting started.
    And if u have any more basswood please let me know.

  5. Tim Miszewski

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD, Your basswood is bye far the best I have ever found and I will be getting it from you until I turn 95 I hope. Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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