Winter Wood Wonders Show — Part 1

We attended the Winter Wood Wonders Carving Show in St. Charles, IL and were once again astounded by the quality and variety of the work shown and the enthusiasm of the participants.   The ability to imagine an image or figure and then create it is quite an art.

Carved Dwarf

One carver showed me this figure of a dwarf that she had carved from a box of wood she purchased at a fall show last year.

Quite an expression and exquisite detail.

But the most fascinating thing is that the box of wood she purchased was all 1x1x2 inch stock.  Below is a full image with a raw block.  Notice the size of the weave in the table cloth and the corners of the quart plastic bags of small blocks alongside the image.

Carved Dwarf with Wood Block

Below are a few more things carved from rather small pieces of wood and on display at the show.

Wood spirits are a popular carving project.  They express the kind of living thing that the carver finds in the wood.

Carved Wood Spirit



Carved Ents

The little folk with the pointy green hats were inspired by the Ents that were made popular in the Hobbit books.  The cabins were also carved from blocks of basswood.

The set of carvings shown below are called Woodhenge after the Stonehenge monument —  only he carved if from wood.


 You can get a feeling for size by comparison with the tablecloth that it’s sitting on.