Single bark edged board

We recently got into quite a few slabs for barksides where the bark was damaged by harvesting or handling.  We cut some of these into nine inch long chunks and cut away the bad edge.

We used two of pieces a bit like these to make a little knick-knack shelf.  Just glued the two together ninety degrees to each other an hung it on the wall.  You could make soshelfmething similar for a coat or hat rack with a couple of pegs or make a soap dish and towel holder for the cabin’s john.  You could also glue a couple of the wide ones together on the flat and make your own inexpensive barkside for pictures or such.

These are not sanded out and a few are pretty rough where the planer didn’t clean it up all the way to the edge on the back side.  But the price is pretty good when compared to to the price of a rustic whatever in a retail store.  And better yet, it will be your own unique creation.

Click on this link to see ’em in the store.