The Real Basswoodman

When we got the Basswoodman name from the folks we made Howard sign a five year non-compete agreement.

Maxine and I were visiting with Howard and Sis recently and he said he’d found a nice basswood log and had cut a few ovals for a couple of local craft shows.  They both got twinkles in their eyes and Sis said, “Well the five years IS up!”

I ‘spose now we’ll start seeing blocks and stuff with a stamp that says, “THE REAL BASSWOODMAN.”

A while back we sent a box of 2x2x12 basswood to Ralph Beverage, a carver from Maine USA.  He liked it a lot and said, “I have carved for many years, and this basswood is wonderful to work with…”  Today he ordered a couple more boxes of ’em.

Oh and by the way, Howard is 93 years young Saturday August 18.  Happy birthday DAD.  And may you be blessed with many more.