Our mission is to provide carvers and artisans with the best possible northern basswood. Our products are available in many local Woods and Crafts stores throughout the United States as well as here on our little Webshop. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask. Our products fall into four general categories:

1. Basswood Blocks for Carving

Graded basswood carving blanks

Small graded blocks

These blocks are cut from logs harvested locally and in accordance with good Forestry Practices. The lumber is then air-dried in our yard to preserve the soft cell structure that lends itself so well to carving. The blocks are then cut from the outer layers of the logs.  Some of these blocks will show a bit of wane at a long edge.  If you see wane at the edge you know that it was cut from a jacket or outer board.  You can see one of these boards near the bottom left of

larger carving blocks

Larger carving blocks

the picture above.  Some carvers prefer the wood from the outer layers of the logs  because the grain is straiter and more uniform.

After we’ve cut the blocks from lumber we inspect for blemishes. Only blocks that are free of knots, coloration or other blemishes will be included in this category. Finally, each block is planed, sanded and measured before packing.

Basswood Chip Blanks

Basswood Chip Blanks

Chip carving blanks are a special category of carving wood.  These blanks are about 3/8 inch thick and are available in several widths and lengths.  They are sanded on all surfaces.


2. Barksides plaques

Mary sealing barksides for a customer

 Barksides are a popular product among the wood burners and artists of the world. These Barksides are cut in roughly two sizes 8 inch long  and 12 inch long. We also custom cut barksides to meet the needs of your special project.  These plaques often include some natural structure such as knots — we call these features.  Many barkside artists arrange their project to include the features into the design.


3. Grab Boxes

We pack Grab Boxes in several sizes that are sold through a number of retail outlets. These grab boxes contain basswood pieces that are either small, odd-shaped, or have some minor imperfections that disqualify them for the Graded Blocks program. But, they are still high quality basswood pieces and you get a lot of bang for your buck!


4. Basswood Ovals and Rounds


Basswood Ovals

We slice custom ovals from hand processed basswood bolts that are winter cut.  A bolt is a reasonably straight, reasonably round, 6″ to 11″ log.  We use hand processed logs because the big machines that cut trees down and cut them to length tend to tear up and loosen the bark.

We cut several stock sizes.  These are listed by the length of the major diameter.  (That is the long way on the oval.)

We primarily cut:  18-24 long, 24-28 long, and 28-32 long.  The widths or minor diameters will vary but we try to cut at least two to one.  More often we will cut three or four to one.

If you have a need for an other size we may be able to accommodate your project.

The quality of the faces of an oval will vary a lot.  The same log will produce some ovals that are reasonably clear while others have knots, stain, and worm tracks.  Each oval seems to surprise us when we take it from the saw.